Daz90 Truly Achievable Lifestyle Engineering

Turbo Charge Your Success

Turbo Charge Your Success

Turbo charge your success of making a lifestyle change!

The Daz90 method of lifestyle engineering uses a number of techniques, one of which is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a form of hypnosis. This can be used with amazing results to help us make changes in the way we perceive things as well as to remove the negative thought patterns we often have when looking at making changes to our lives.

Whilst personally designed one-to-one NLP sessions deliver outstanding results, we can also make great changes in our lives, by listening to the Daz90 self-hypnosis MP3.


This MP3 contains a 20 minute deeply relaxing induction which equips you with a powerful mindset for your journey towards successfully achieving your goals. All that is needed is somewhere that is both comfortable and quiet, so you are not disturbed and ideally some headphones. Then just sit or lay back and enjoy the relaxing journey. The session can be listened to as often as you like as the more you do so, the stronger and more long lasting the effects will be.

This Self Hypnosis MP3 will:

  •  Enable you to relax, so that you can open your mind towards making changes.
  • Help you get focused towards achieving your goals
  • Help you to build a positive relationship with success

This MP3 also includes a 7 Hz theta wave. It is widely reported from considerable research,  that listening to sound at such frequencies can greatly enhance a hypnotic trance as well as promote creativity in the mind. By becoming more responsive to creativity, you will find that you have a greater appetite for change, which will in turn allow yourself to make the changes you want to achieve the goals you desire.

If you have any medical condition that could be affected as a result of listening to hypnotic suggestion or theta wave sound, I recommend you seek the appropriate medical advice before listening to this MP3.

Download this Hypnosis MP3 now and start your journey towards living the life you deserve.

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